BEAUTY CULTURE – opening titles


A new 30-minute documentary directed by Lauren Greenfield. As per the Annenberg Foundation’s press release, Greenfield’s film, which includes interviews with several photographers and subjects included in the exhibition, “accompanies the venue’s sweeping, unprecedented photographic exploration of how feminine beauty is defined, challenged and revered in modern society.” Among the film’s subjects are photographers Albert Watson, Melvin Sokolsky and Tyen; fashion models Crystal Renn, Carmen Dell’Orefice and Emme; and agents Eileen Ford and Bethann HardisonJamie Lee Curtis, daughter of famous beauty Janet Leigh, is one of the personalities providing additional commentary.  Filmmaker and photographer Lauren Greenfield‘s credits include Thin, kids + money, Girl Culture and Fast Forward: Growing up in the Shadow of Hollywood. Thin won the John Grierson Award for Best Documentary at the London Film Festival.

A project done for Los Angeles based EVERGREEN PICTURES and the Annenberg Space for Photography.