Buckethead “Spokes for the Wheel of Torment”

So Buckethead has someone send us some mp3’s of his new album without any comment or album art. We are struck by the “Spokes” track and *instantly* visualize animated Hieronymus Bosch in our heads. We scan a few of his paintings in and make a 15 second test animation. A week or so later we drive to Buckethead’s secret headquarters and play him the test. He freaks out and takes us into his recording area, right there on the wall is a huge Hieronymus Bosch poster. Buckethead had been imagining the painting coming to life when he wrote the song. This was one of the most effortless things we had ever done, it felt like it was meant to be.
This video was created almost entirely from Hieronymus Bosch paintings with a few extra paintings from Frankensuess. Compare BH’s body to HB’s “Prodigal Son” painting to get an idea of how things worked.

A project done for Buckethead.