God Willing – theatrical poster version 01

What does it mean to lose your grown child to a religious cult? Do you walk away or fight to get them back? How much can a parent intercede when the child declares their desire to be left alone? In this haunting film, mothers Sandi and Marcia desperately search for their grown children on the streets of Seattle. Seven years ago their daughters joined a highly secretive, nomadic, Christian cult, and they have not seen them since. These young women, believing they are on the path to salvation, have abandoned all worldly ties, including their family. As the film follows families searching for their children, God Willing returns to cult members on bicycles, constantly in motion – creating an evocative, recurring theme. When we meet some of these young adults who return to the secular world we hear in their words, what held them there and why they finally left.

A project done for Los Angeles based director Evangeline Griego.